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DC Area: Want some patterns? Or, please take my stuff


Sorry for the long silence, which will continue a bit longer because...I just got back from my closing and I'm moving!  Next week!  Just 5 blocks, but it takes the same amount of work as moving 1200 miles (as I did when I moved from Texas to DC).  I have been in my condo 10 years.  Ten.years. worth of accumulation.  Before that I had moved every year or 1.5 years after moving out of the house for college.  So I was somewhat lean--but even only somewhat lean then.  In the intervening 10 years my worldly possessions have grown to become what could politely be described as "portly."

Obviously, the sewing room, along with everything else, is going through a serious culling.  I always thought my sewing room in my condo was small.  Well, I didn't know from small compared to the sewing room in the new place.  But at least there is a sewing room.

There is so much more to come, but I need to start moving things out of my place to make r…

Style Arc: Sailor Sue Palazzo Ponte pants

I've made this pattern a few times now (bengaline version here, and a few unblogged about pairs in Ponte). I love the ponte versions, they are my go to work pants but the cheaper ponte does seem to pill up really fast. This ponte is from Rathdowne Fabrics, it has a light diagonal stripe through it and is soft as butter while still being medium weight. It will be interesting to see how it wears.

As much as I love a pull-on pant I do miss pockets so this pair has a zippered pocket in the front. I put the zipper in facing the opposite way that I wanted but it doesn't worry me as much as I thought when wearing them.
To make the zipper pocket I made a window using interfacing (place right sides together of fabric and interfacing, stitch the window, slit and pull the interfacing through and then iron the interfacing into place), topstitched in the zipper and then topstitched the actual pocket which means there is only a single layer of material for the pocket instead of the usual two…

Fehr Trade 103: a duo of duathlons!

My version:

I reprinted out the pattern (properly this time!) and can now tell you that these are a sz XL with 2cm added to the inner leg seam and 2cm taken from the front side seams. I also took a wedge out of the side of these to get rid of some excess fabric that was pooling there and it also helped straighten up the legs.

Not sure whats going on with my face in these, chalk it up to teenage daughter induced stress!

Fabric is a black matt knit (same as last pair) and a digital print ponte from Spotlight.

I changed the waistband on these to a folded over one, I personally find it a lot more comfortable than an elastic one.

Ambers version:

Hers are a sz S graded out to a M at the waist with 1.5cm added to the inner leg seam only at the top (like Sunni talks about here).

I lengthened these to a full length pair for her and basted them together for a fitting, she has extra width at the calf but are very close fitting at the ankle. The side seams do twist around a bit, next version if she wan…