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True Bias 4101: Hudson Pants

These have to be the ultimate weekend pants, they are just so relaxed and comfy. I've been wanting a pair of casual trackies for a while and it came between these ones and the StyleArc Shelby pair. But it was this review of the 3/4 ones by Cookin' & Craftin' that made me download the pattern straight away!

 We are off to Japan this year (!!!!!!) so I've been quizzing my daughter about what everyone wears and flicking through the La Farfa magazine she brought me back after her student exchange last year. The biggest thing that's stood out to me is that you don't see many women wearing tight leggings, Amber took some over for sports and said she was the only one wearing them. So I'm on the hunt for comfy pants that I can walk in around Japan, wear to the Karate seminar we are attending and still look neat but that are a looser fit than I might wear normally.

These fit the bill perfectly and I plan on making many more :)

Pattern details;
I graded up to a sz 20…

2015 Year in review

I've left it too late this year to do the top 5 makes or top 5 fails so thought I'd do a bit of a mixed review post.

This year has been full of ups and downs in both sewing and life.

I lost my beautiful little boy cat in January.

I made this in February and still wear it all the time to work. McCalls 6754

Around March/April I got diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, its under control now but I had a few months where I didn't even touch my sewing machine.

I finally started to feel like me again and started sewing regularly in the last part of the year. In September I made the Cascade duffle for the second time.
I'm pretty proud of this jacket, its one where I feel I nailed it on matching a fabric to a pattern perfectly.

October saw our daughter turn 16 and get her Learners

October also saw my worse quilting disaster. I got a homespun from Lincraft, made 2 cot quilts and when I washed them the dye ran so bad I don't think it was ever set. I used a total of 10 colo…