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With the Summer heat kicking in ...

... and with Brisbane having a predicted temperature of 33° in two days time, a summer dress will definitely be the flavour of the day! So I thought I would sneak in a little summer dress making.

And I do love spring and summer sewing the best, so had plans on kick-starting the season with a dress. Well, actually I need to backtrack just a tad. My original plan (we all know about plans and sewing) was to participate in the PatternReview One Pattern, Many Looks challenge. Grabbed the pattern from the stash, set up the Pinterest inspiration board (and many hours just disappeared drooling) and then came to a bit of a stop! Well, the stop was just from work, winter lurgies and life in general, but the poor sewing cave went into hibernation. So it is now time to blow of the dust and get those dress plans back into action.
The pattern is an oldie (like me) but a goodie! McCall's 8788 ...
... a simple, basic semi-fitted dress with front and back darts! Nothing fancy, but it is a closest go-…

Member in focus on pattern review

When I started sewing one of the first sites I found and joined was Pattern Review, so its a bit of a thrill to be the member in focus this week! Please head over and have a look (I must admit all I can focus on is my photos and how I need to play with the settings again on my camera!)

I am so behind on blogging my latest makes, I've had great sewing mojo lately and am flying through projects but just haven't taken any full photos yet, but here's a couple of sneak peeks;

Book Review: The End of Fashion by Teri Agins

I read "The End of Fashion" so you don't have to.  If you have it on your to-read you should probably take it off.  I found it mildly interesting as a piece of fashion history, but it was hard to get through.  Agins covers, among other things, Paris as the center of the fashion universe, the story of designer/movie star synergy, and the (temporary) reprieve Marshall Field's bought itself as a strictly high-end merchandiser.

Writing in 1998 or so (the book was published in 1999), Agins argues that fashion is dead.  Forever.  When you read the book you remember why this would be easy to believe:  this was the height of Tommy Hilfiger Hegemony, as covered in a chapter of the book.  Those hideous oversized color-blocked sweatshirts were all over the damn place.  Less facetiously, there was also the perpetual issue of couture being a huge money-loser, and fashion people making very bad business people (the chapter on Donna Karan is a great illustration of this principle).