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Closet Case Files: Ginger Shorts

Ginger shorts (jorts?). My daughter has a pair of piping hot shorts that has some design features that I wanted to copy, they have bright pink serging that's exposed with the cuff turned up plus a bright pink topstitched back pockets. I tried to get the same feel with these shorts but I don't think I went quite far enough and the single topstitched back pocket just looks odd to me now.

Nothing new fit wise (same as the last pair of jeans, I did notice excess on the side of my leg that didn't show up in my jeans so I've adjusted the pattern for next time.
The fabric was a remnant scrap from a garage sale, just managed to squeeze the shorts out of it and the pocket bags are a quilting cotton from my stash. 

2014 Year in review

It feels like I haven't done as much sewing this year as previously, my work hours have increased and I've been concentrating on karate (I achieved my black belt in early December). I have focussed a bit more on fit and what I wear so have been sewing more basics and knit garments. Fit is such a funny thing, as soon as I feel I have something nailed I pick up another adjustment that needs to be worked out!

In summary I've sewn about 35 garments and 8 of them were for other people (this doesn't include the 200 odd prem baby gowns and memory blanket sets). I've actually sewn a bit more than I thought!

My top 3 most worn,
 Sewaholic Gabriola Skirt Ginger Jeans
McCalls 6953 

Thankyou for all the lovely comments on my garments for the last year and here's to another year of happy sewing!