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Adventures in fitting: Bodice block

I get issues of Threads on my iPad (so much easier and cheaper than buying the paper copies) and the latest issue has about drafting a bodice block. I've been thinking about drafting one for a while ever since I got my pants block so I thought I'd give it a go.
It was easier than I thought, I did originally get my husband to help measure but ended up doing most of the measurements myself (so even if you don't have a fitting buddy you can do it yourself). It worked like magic, the fit straight from the paper fit really well, I kind of feel like if you could draft a couple of hundred years ago you would have been burned as a witch (but only if you weighed as much as a duck*)
I did do a 1" FBA and turned it into shoulder princess seams (the article showed how to) then on the actual muslin I did a sway back adjustment of 1" plus a sloping shoulder adjustment.
A couple of tips if anyone wants to do one;
Stay stitch around the neckline and armholes before fitting, I didn&…

It is New Year's Eve...

...and here's to the new one!
The New Year is all but a few hours away, here Down Under. As the clock strikes in the New Year, here's wishing you all happiness, prosperity and good times to last all year. 

Next year is at the door...remember life is short, break the sewing rules and try new things, forgive quickly those wadders that haunt us, love truly all the successful sews and skills you will discover, laugh uncontrollably at the funny photos taken by loyal family members when proudly wearing newly made clothes, and never regret anything that made you smile while blogging!

I'm heading off to Southbank, Brisbane to catch the midnight fireworks...

...catch you all sewing up a storm in 2013!!!

Join the January Jungle...

hosted byPrttynPink in praise of textile beasties!
Animal prints are so hot right now (when have they never been in style?) I've always loved the look of animal print fabric, but I have never quite figured out exactly how to incorporate it into my wardrobe, until one of my latest skirts.   Link to this animal skirt But from reptile to cheetah, from accessories to clothing, there seems lots of ways to add a little animal antics into the wardrobe and get noticed. 
So if you want to have a month of walking on the wild side head over to PrttynPink
and have some fun...there is also tons of tiny giveaways and general feral blog mayhem!!!
And just for a touch of bizarre fun, here is my daughters foot with a snake skin we just found in the backyard - she is thinking of a new pair of summer slingbacks!!! The snakeskin belongs to a naked Carpet Python, a very familiar snake in my local parts. These little lovelies can grow up to 3.5m (about 11 feet) so maybe I can get a matching belt, or bag, one da…

Christmas Aussie style...

Image celebrated right in the middle of our hottest month, so no snow and sleigh rides for us! We still have all the glitter and razzmatazz of Christmas, but instead of snow we are more likely to have a tropical storm, flooding, a cyclone or a bush fire! Nothing quite says 'Christmas' in Australia than Santa arriving on the back of a fire truck... But this year it looks like we will be blessed with clear blue skies. Christmas is also within 3 days of our longest day of the year, so it is full on sun, surf, sand and funtimes. Christmas trees on the beach are often seen, and our wonderful lifesavers always have a lot of Christmas cheer on the day... Christmas Day for us is tomorrow! Yes, being a few hours ahead does have its advantages. Though, I think the New Zealand bloggers sneak in before us even. So, sorry to all my American blogging friends, you'll have to wait an extra day for Christmas. So while you are all rugged up, we're down here spending time at the beach and s…

Maria Denmark 103 Day to Night top

I had this cut out and put aside until I saw Sew Busy Lizzy's version and got to it straight away! Its a very quick sew (I made it in about an hour before lunch with the in-laws), this is a sz XXL with sleeves from my Macaron dress added but no other adjustments. Its a tad too long, looks nicer tucked in so next one I'll hem a bit shorter (or leave longer to wear over leggings). I have a fair bit of lower back excess too, but its a knit top and it doesn't really bother me (I'll think about adding a centre back seam next time).

I used the clear elastic method on the back neckline. The other cowl neck tops I've made had a self fabric bias strip on the back neckline and I found after wearing them all day they feel like its stretching out across the shoulders. The clear elastic already feels nicer to wear.

The instructions are really good, coloured pictures and nice plain language.

The fabric is a very thin, rayon blend knit from I left it a bit loose as it ten…

A little bit of nip and tucking...

...helps to add interest to this latest top of mine!
Over the last few months I have seen a few tops that have grabbed my attention. Not 'WOW! Look at me tops', but just some simple lines that flow well in a top. Tops along the lines of these... ... a sleek looking Calvin Klein ...

...a Michael Kors ...

... this little Macy's knock-off. 

...and this $410 (yes, no misprinting!!!) pleated neck top - yes, just the top and not the whole outfit and accessories!!!... Butterick 5354 a Fast & Easy top required nothing more than a scant .80cm of fabric (or 7/8 yard in your language!) to easily replicate a similar style top to all the above... It had all the elements of the above tops, a minimalist looking pullover shell top, sleeveless, and unlined. The pleats at the neckline give the top a lovely boost. It is actually a very comfortable basic for work, or weekend wear. 

Definitely be making up a few more of these for summer - quick, easy and light to wear ... J

Top 5 Most Worn in 2012

Inspired by Sew Busy Lizzy's post I thought I'd list down my most worn garments of 2012 as well.

1. Juniper pants

I wasn't that excited by these after I made them but I have been living in them, they are so unbelievably comfortable and go with anything!

2. Macaron Dress: Christmas version

I love this dress so much!

3. McCalls 6408

While my black version fits better I've ended up wearing this more (I don't wear much black these days) . Its the combo of the tie belt and the ponte which makes it so flattering and comfy.

4. McCalls 5525: Violet trench coat

I still consider this the best jacket I've made, in how it fits and the design lines on the back

5. NewLook 6007: cape

I've worn this down to the movies a few times and out to my mums. It might be a bit sad but my inner geek just loves the fact that I'm wearing a cape, lol

Unselfish sewing;

a couple of mentions here. I've made a few quilts but the time and effort involved in the Mario quilt ranks it at number 1. …

Vogue 8827, Drape Collar Wrap Dress

Source: via Trena on Pinterest

When I was shopping for inspiration last Fall, this Elie Tahari Lauren Long Sleeve Dress caught my eye.  I love the volume in the collar and the wrap shape is ever-appealing.  When Vogue 8827 was issued earlier this year, I was excited to see a pattern for this inspiration piece and bought it right away.

It's quite a fabric hog and I didn't have too many pieces large enough.  I decided to go for this lightweight wool purchased at Guss Woolens in Baltimore ($20 for the piece, about 2 2/3 yard) at a sewing meetup in February of this year. I knew I was taking a risk with the color and the volume.  This could very easily have come out looking like a nightgown.  However, I think my gamble paid off--this is a great dress!

The only alteration I did to the pattern was a slight Small Bust Adjustment, shortening the front crossover/collar drape a bit by folding some length out.

The back is drafted with a yoke, and then the lower back is vo…