Last work outfits for 2011!!!

It is that time ... the last week of work for the year!!! 
2011 Work Year virtually ticked off. 
One more week and then 6 glorious weeks of rest and relaxation -
read sewing, sewing, sewing
Usually at this time of year I am ultra busy at school -  testing, writing reports, tidying up loose ends, but for some reason this year school life is well and truly under control. So under control I actually had plenty of time this weekend to sew. 
Even though I have more than enough mix and match outfits to see me out for 1 more week, I naturally want to wear something 'new' to the class party, and also for the last day of school. Mind you it is a bit silly to be wearing something new on the last day - clean-up day - so will probably wear it on the second last day. Last day is typically 'daggy old day', filled with scrubbing desks and tidy trays.

Back to the latest outfits. Have had 2 beautiful pieces of fabric watching me for most of the year, just enough in each to make a couple of quick skirts. Nothing exciting or creative, but just good solid skirts that will see me through for a few years to come. And small bonus that the same pattern will serve both pieces of fabric - different styles, different fabrics.
Pattern is an oldie pushed to the back of the pattern boxes...Butterick 4686, six sew easy skirts in one packet. Must have picked this one up back in the 2005/ 06/ 07 era. 13 reviews on PR all seem to put this one in the 'easy & great for beginners' and 'great wardrobe builder' categories so it should be ideal for my needs this time. 

First skirt off the rack - I followed View B, a pleated skirt with side zipper. No rocket science moments to report in the making of this one. No muslin needed as with all the pleats it is super easy to tweak it to your shape.

The sewing of the pleats around the yoke certainly have a slimming effect on the flabby mid-drift area. EveS from PR noted in her brilliant rendition of this skirt that the pleats all faced the same way, and I agree with her totally on this. Though decided after pinning that with my fabric this didn't show up, so I left the pleats as per the pattern. But I think this needs to be considered depending on your fabric choice.

Only two minor changes to the pattern...

I used an invisible zipper so that the left hip area lay as flat as the right hip area - purely for aesthetic reasons.

Lengthened the skirt to fall just below my calves. Not much else to bore you with over this skirt - quite simply a great easy to wear skirt!!!

Second whip-up of this pattern was using View E - flared below mid-knee skirt, back zipper and trim.
The wind blew and made the hemline wonky!!!
A few little tweeks to this version as well -
First off I used the selvedge of the fabric for the trim between yoke and skirt. It had a lovely woolly look and feel to it and I just couldn't throw it away.

Next I fully interlined my skirt in white to give it a little more body.

Yet again, another invisible zipper popped in - think I should look at taking out market shares in the invisible zipper company. I certainly am supporting this niche in the sewing industry big time!!!

So that is all there is to this pattern - so quick and easy it is embarrassing. At least I know, as usual, that what I won't see the same thing in the staffroom at lunchtime. And yes, it has happened several times this year to others. Two people in the same dresses on the same day - and neither will ever wear their dresses again. So not only have they spent money on a store purchased dress, it now sits in their wardrobes in shame. Who said sewing was a waste of money???


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