2011 Year in Review

The Stats
Number of completed garments:  64 (excluding some miscellany)
Woven dresses:  12
Knit dresses:  10
Woven tops:  5
Knit tops:  10
Skirts:  7
Coats:  1
Sweaters/Shrugs:  4
Shorts:  1
Pants:  2 (jungle pants, though; they hardly count as pants)
Sport tops:  4
Hats:  2
Nighties:  2
Slips:  2
Rain gear:  pants, pullover, spats, mitts, and 2 helmet covers

Number of pattern reviews written:  44.  I had been aiming to hit 250 reviews, but only made it to 243.  If I had reviewed everything I made I think I would have made it, but only just.  After 243 patterns reviewed (and hundreds made before I discovered PR), I have actually started repeating some!

Number of items sewn for others:  5.  I made two tops and a skirt for my mom and two pairs of boxers for the boyfriend.  How's that for selfish seamstressing?!?!


Proudest Project:  Navy wool herringbone coat with velveteen trim


Greatest ratio of compliments to work involved:  Velvet beret.  Seriously, I get compliments on this every time I wear it, way more than on the coat.  It took about an hour to make.

Front Raise

Most useful items:  Four tops for the gym.  Wear these pretty much daily, twice most days.

Front View, The Truth

Biggest Fail:  Simplicity 2615 Prison Matron Dress.  *shudder* 

Burda 7658

Longest planned:  Yellow eyelet Burda 7658 shirtdress.  I bought this expensive fabric from Mood in March 2007, using a gift certificate that was a thank you from a friend for sewing lessons.  I was so glad to finally make this up, after waffling on a pattern for it for 4 years.


Most worn:  Butterick 5283 asymmetric twist tee.  Any time I needed a top in Spring, Summer, and Fall, I reached for this tee.  It's a combination of the interesting pattern, the rich color, and the fantastic quality of the fabric (a fluke, unfortch; I bought it from Stretch House and it was the only color of that particular beefy but stretchy, slightly textured fabric).

Burda 06-2010-126

Overall favorite: It's a little unfair because it has the shine of newness. but the dress I made for the New Year's Eve wedding I just attended (not blogged yet), a modified version of Burda 06-2010-126. I felt fabulous in this and got many unsolicitations from other guests.

Thank you so much for reading and sewing along with me this year!  Having sewing friends makes such a difference in enjoyment, as well as encouraging me to try new things and improve my techniques.  I appreciate every comment I receive and love reading all that you write as well.

You can see my whole slideshow for 2011 here.  It does not contain all 64 items, because there are things I never photographed or reviewed.   So sue me.*

*As a lawyer, this is not an action I recommend that you pursue.  I disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied.


I don't have any particular goals for 2012, just to sew what I like and try not to buy too much fabric.  There were several stretches in 2011 where I didn't have time to sew and it made me cranky, but I think my life isn't going to get any less complicated or busy.  I need to learn to accept those busy times and enjoy the sewing that I get to do--time to sew is more of a luxury than a right, alas.  I continue to marvel at those of you who work, have children, *and* sew.  I just have work and sewing and can't always manage to fit it in!


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