Breath in!!!

So I jumped straight into my SAM challenge on the first day of the New Year. Not to waste any time, I chose a pattern I already had - Butterick 5365 by Connie Crawford.
Challenge on this will be the two-piece banded collar...time to Google how others have tackled this area of a shirt. I won't go into any details as the wheel has already been invented on this many times.

My fabric choice is a khaki burnout which is very sheer in the burnout areas. To this end I am planning on wearing a little cami under the shirt. First major decision is whether to interface the collar and front in black, or white. The black brings out the pattern and the white blends....OK, so a it is.Then instead of interfacing I am going to use a very fine voile. The pattern is designed for fluid, drapey fabric and the voile should (fingers crossed) move with the fabric.

My major change is to change the front to a placket with a fold-out to the front, with the voile sandwiched inbetween. Somewhere to showcase the buttons, and also to provide support to the buttonholes. Planning on doing double buttons, very small, down the front.

Time to go and whip this little number up...

Oh, dear!!! What have I done??? Somewhere along the line my calculations on the front placket have been lost and my dear little shirt is just that...a dear LITTLE bearly fits me across the booby area!!! Never have had this problem in my life - big boobs - maybe this shirt isn't such a mistake after all!!!
But no, on reflection it isn't my calculations as after construction my version of the placket using measurements to the nth degree, the whole front and back still fitted exactly into the collar area. So in reality, the shirt is just running small for me. I'll just have to move it from my SAM file (Shirt A Month) to my O-SAM file (Open-Shirt A Month). 

Not to be deterred, as I will still be wearing this shirt (just not as planned) I am going to make this up again. It is a great shirt pattern to work with, very easy and great style. I will definitely refine the fit on this and be making up a few more (yes, not just one but a few...)



Back - One major point to note on this shirt, I added 6cm to the length of this shirt at the 'lengthen here' mark on the pattern - wouldn't want it any shorter than it turned out!!!

Will let you know how the next 'improved' version goes...


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