Security to Section Three...

'Security to Section Three'... the voice loomed over the loudspeaker at David Jones, just as I was sneaking a quick picci on my phone.
I had just seen a shirt with great collar detail, priced at $149 (and that was reduced!!!) and had to copy it. Surely the rest of the loudspeaker message would say...'Crazy Lady in Women's Wear'...

So here is the guilty photo - not a great shot as I was a tad on the worried side of being whisked off by security ...
A neat pleated attachment had been added to the collar, cute detail that I could 'copy' on my next shirt. 

Enter SAM#2 -
Again, I have turned to Butterick 5365, but as I have nailed the fit on this I can now concentrate on jazzing it up with a few details.
Firstly, the collar. After gaining the photo I at least had to use it. So I pleated a folded shaped length of fabric and attached it to the main collar piece before constructing the actual collar. It is attached by the buttons and a few hidden stitches, with the band section being loose. Being white on white it isn't as obvious, but I think this would be a great feature in a contrasting fabric.
Second detail to jazz up this shirt was  to add a pleat detail across the top yoke section of the back. And I thought the pleat theme would join the front of the shirt to the back.  
And the last jazzy bit I added was the single pleat vent down the back. Simply by cutting the  back piece  and adding on 8cm to allow for the pleat, and placing on the fold, it created an open pleat down the back. 
So, fess up, who else is guilty of picking up details in the shops and recreating their own designs??? Please, someone, surely I am not the only 'feature thief' amongst us...


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