I'm Back!!!

I’m back! After taking a short few days weeks months sabbatical from my online journey of sewing,  visiting fellow sewing bloggers, and discovering just how clever our little community is,  I’ve finally jumped back on-board and feel as if I have come back home. 

Not much has happening in my little part of the world, except for a bit of a name change to my blog. Why??? What was wrong with Doobee, my childhood/adulthood nickname??? Well, apparently, it is connected to a particular easy smoking drug (which I won't name so I don't get inundated with spam mail on my first post back!!!). And to say that I was Creating with Doobee, well, I will leave it to your imagination.

So therein started the need for change, and 'Made by J' was born. With a new little logo to boot! 
Made by J
Enough of the dribble, this is a sewing blog afterall. And today I have been sewing a shirt. I thought a quick and much needed spring shirt would get my rusty brain working again. Boy, after hand sewing on the 12th button I was back where I belonged.

Butterick 5678, a semi fitted shirt with shoulder princess seams and a stitched rounded hem. I whipped up view B, with the roll-up option on the sleeve. Five other sewers have had success with this on PR so it was easy for me to have success with it once reading their tips. 
Front View
Fabric is a cool cotton shirting with a neat little black strip and a matching floral splattering printed overlay.
Close-up of collar and 4 buttons (out of 12!)

Front Princess seam

Rolled-up cuff detail

...and the back!
Excuse the poor photos, it is the end of a day sewing and the winter sun is setting early! But I am pleased with this shirt, and will be wearing it to work tomorrow (with the sleeves rolled down). The Princess seams give such a great shape to this shirt that it is hard not to enjoy wearing it. What is next on my list???? Well, I have a heap of fabric and still awaiting my latest little bundle of patterns from the recent online sale. Spotlight has opened a new store in my suburb, and as my DH tells me, I should just get my weekly pay check sent straight there!!! How rude (but true)... 


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