Would I??? Could I???

DD (aged 19ish!) is out shopping with the girlfriends and sends me the following photo....
...and the added request of 'can I make this but without the threads hanging, hole in the side seam, baggy boob covers and crooked hemline?'  And reading between the lines I also could add 'within her price range, in her length (she is 6'2"!!!) and this weekend!!!' 

These light weight chiffon summer tops seem to be all the trend for the coming summer months for the younger age group. From the picture, I do like the use of 3 colours to also tick the colour-blocking-trend box. A simple loose design without many seams was needed to compliment the fabric. Chiffon is usually such a fiddly fabric, but well worth perserving with. And I will be in my element of joy with making a shirt, with French Seams! Ahhh, heaven...

So my plan of attack is to cutout a shirt from what I have, using pattern 6436 from McCall's. The sleeveless View A will be ideal, though minus the shoulder tabs. 
Not bad for an afternoon and evenings work, no cost and easy to do! I had an apricot chiffon fabric that was enough for the body, some blue dotty fabric, yellow binding, and 8 buttons all just sitting at the back of the cupboard waiting their turn. I quickly prewashed it, just incase it wasn't already, and while it dried cut out the pattern ready.

Close up of collar, sleeve binding and front placket. All these colours are 'In, In, In' in Australia at the moment. Whatever shop you look in, strong pastels are looking straight back at you. 

Cheating a little, the collar and front placket are constructed from a cotton. Just so much less fiddly than trying to work with that chiffon!!! But, since this is a one season knock-off I forgive myself.

Styled with a vest, you can see how I lengthened the shirt for her height. This normally wouldn't be necessary for most of us! So an extra button was needed.

I just loved the pattern! Though I did omit the back darts in this case, as DD was after a loose hanging top. The instructions were easy to follow, though I did notice that small hints such as clipping curves where omitted. This may cause problems for beginners. 

Main thing is at the end of the day, DD is really pleased with the top and plans on wearing it! Bonus! Current, trendy, and free! What else could a Uni Student ask for???

Will be making myself a few shirts up from this pattern in the coming months. But not in chiffon.Will stick with the light weight fabrics suggested. The pattern itself comes in various cup sizes A/B up to DDD. What a lot of time this will save.
That's it for me for this weekend, time to think about work...


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