Let me tell you about...

 ...  my latest shirt....

I was in need of a quick little casual (insert 'big yawn') sleeveless shirt. So I turned, again, to McCall's 6436.
Now this shirt in itself isn't anything startling. But it does have the little added bonus of coming with B/C/D cup size pattern pieces...doesn't that just save a little drafting time???
Now I was only after a very casual top, so used the same fabric as I used last summer for one of my Sorbetto tops
A neat little blue/cream/white stripe that I found went with a multitude of bottoms. And to jazz it up a tad, because I am the first to admit it is a bit of a ho-hum pattern in itself, I added a little feature band down the front.
It really is just a play-for-fun with the stripes. Nothing fancy, but a little different. I also French Felled the side seams just to add some excitement to this top.
And a quick peek at the collar...and the back...
So, if you are still awake after reading about this plain-as shirt, head over to 
She is whipping up the same shirt, but with a very exclusive Versace slant to it...worth popping over to see how she is coming along....


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