You can never have...

...too many tops! I seem to be in a sewing rut of late, top-of-the-tops type of rut - am I able to actually sew anything but blouses, tops and shirts???? Can't quite remember back to my pre-top days of yesteryear, but I do love a new top. Now I am not crazily into the quick and easy tops, though in saying that the Sorbetto did fall into that category.
And I have been known to actually enjoy sewing plackets full of button holes and buttons, with collars coming a close second.
But my wardrobe needs to now make room for it's latest boarder - Simplicity 1886 - yes, a top pattern! A Misses' top with trim variations - go to town on that description!!!
Now I did the usual PR pre-check as to how everyone went with this pattern, and only 2 others have given it a go - I am sure I have had it in my stash for a fair time. Anyway, talk of 'difficulty with the flounce', joined with problems with the 'outlandish facings', did nothing to deter me from giving it a go myself.
The verdict - I love it! No problems with the flounce or facings (though the scissors and bin were on standby if needed), a very wearable top was produced.  
So, down to the nitty-gritty details. Firstly, the fabric is left over from my recent shirt. View F was made, the one with a flouncy bit on one shoulder and partway down the front. All good in the making, but I could offer one piece of advice to others. The front has a small spilt in the top, closed with a button. Simplicity has you cut the loop closure from a minuscule piece of fabric 6cm x 2.5cm, fold it in half lengthwise, then sew a scant 6mm seam to enclose the casing - forget it! After the machine chews it up, try cutting a larger piece, sewing it up, and cutting it down to size - much less stress involved!!!
Simplicity also has you constructing a small narrow hem on the flounce - I opted for a rolled hem. Again, the stress-less variation. 

And again, must be something with the patterns I am choosing lately, the back is only saved from being a huge yawn by the fabric itself...
The basic shell of this pattern is great, and I will be trying a few more. The only downside that I can see is that due to the flouncy detail on shoulder, this top won't be so wearable under a jacket for layering - relegated to the 'summer only' part of the wardrobe. I can live with that!

I think I have given the top half of my body enough clothing to last a few weeks, and realised that the bottom half has been neglected. My confidence this year in whipping up a top, be it a knit, cotton, pullover, or shirt has strengthened. So now I am moving onto skirts. Yes, looking at updating the lower half of the wardrobe. Starting off tomorrow will be Simplicity 2475.
More fitted than ones of the past, plain'ish from the front - but the back has 2 kick pleats to add interest. Fingers crossed as I move from collars and buttonholes, to invisible zippers and linings...


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