A new skirt...

How good is it to know that all you have to do is whip up a new skirt, and you feel like you have a whole new outfit? And when it is an easy to sew skirt, with a little 'feature' it is even better.
New skirt for a night out to a Thai restaurant with a few friends was just the place for McCall's 5523 to be showcased. 
Not a bad little group of straight skirts, four variations to the rear hem area, and plenty of lovely sewers out there have already trialled, sewed, and taken the bugs out, so I was in for an easy sew-up. 

I decided on View D with the 2 rows of flounces. 
For a simple straight skirt it is very effective, and enjoyable to wear. I mainly aim at wearing it over the coming summer months with a little camisole tank top, or similar. Easy wearing, that's what I like!

Now for a few quick details. The fabric is an animal linen/blend print from Spotlight. Beautiful to work with, but fairly frayable which annoyed me. So even though I have lined the skirt all seams have fully finished.

The flounce on the back was easy, just two pieces, hemmed and joined onto the back panel. I found this to be extremely easy, and effective. 

The actual flounce probably isn't that noticeable with this busy print, but in a plain fabric I think it would be a super detail. Easily the two flounce hems could have lace, or a fancy edging added to up the looks value.

My fabric needed lining to add support, so I used a black cotton - it is a summer skirt after-all. But I didn't line the flounce section. My reasoning is that it will look dreadful and not fall correctly. So the back inside lining section is attached to the top of the flounce, and down the two back side seams. A bit crazy to photograph, but you get the picture. And for the hem I just used a strip of black bias to neaten it all up.

And zipper - what zipper? Just how invisible is that with this print...

Just love everything about this skirt, from its incrediable easy sew aspect to the easy wear value. Definitely whipping up another, or two of these for summer wearing...

Back view without jacket.


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