Adventures in fitting: Bodice block

I get issues of Threads on my iPad (so much easier and cheaper than buying the paper copies) and the latest issue has about drafting a bodice block. I've been thinking about drafting one for a while ever since I got my pants block so I thought I'd give it a go.
It was easier than I thought, I did originally get my husband to help measure but ended up doing most of the measurements myself (so even if you don't have a fitting buddy you can do it yourself). It worked like magic, the fit straight from the paper fit really well, I kind of feel like if you could draft a couple of hundred years ago you would have been burned as a witch (but only if you weighed as much as a duck*)
I did do a 1" FBA and turned it into shoulder princess seams (the article showed how to) then on the actual muslin I did a sway back adjustment of 1" plus a sloping shoulder adjustment.
A couple of tips if anyone wants to do one;
  • Stay stitch around the neckline and armholes before fitting, I didn't and it stretched out a fair bit before I realised it, with taking it on and off so many times (which is why the neckline and armholes are a bit gapey)
  • There's a few articles online about how to draft your own if you don't get Threads. One good one I've seen recommended is this one by Madalynne
  • Thread a long piece of string through the zipper to make it so much easier to take on and off.
  • Taking photos really helps with fitting the back.
I can still see a couple things that might need tweaking (mostly the armhole shape at the back, but if you can notice anything else please let me know!) but otherwise I'm really happy with the fit and I've now put it on my dressform and stuffed it with wadding to give it a more accurate shape.

I haven't mentioned about my sewing room for a while but my Christmas present from the hubbie was built in shelving on one wall. I love it! Everything is up off the floor and all in one place but I'm kind of shocked at how much stuff I have so the next couple of months I'm sewing from the stash to try and reduce it before the Melbourne shopping day in February!

*Sorry any excuse for a Monty Python and the Holy Grail quote, lol!


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