Cake 0144: Tiramisu top

I'm a huge fan of Steph C from 3 hours past, she was a huge help with my pants block and I'm thrilled she's started the Cake pattern line. My copy of the tiramisu dress turned up on Friday and I got started straight away! Since I really need more tops I thought I'd shorten the dress into a top this time round.

My muslin was a 45D to start with, this was erring on the larger size of my measurements and it ended up huge, to get the front to sit right the midriff band needs to be pretty fitted and it just wasn't. This version is a 40D with the midriff band about half the height (I have a short waist and the original length was sitting down near my hips) and the bust wraps sewn further across to make it tighter (I was getting some gaping), I actually think if I'd made the 40C it might have fit better.

Instructions are great and I really like the construction method, it ends up very neat and its so easy to apply the binding. The fabric is a lightweight rayon knit from and I left it unhemmed.
The bust line looks like its a bit high in these pics, I think if I'd done the dress the weight of the full skirt would have pulled it down enough to sit perfectly, but in real life it looks fine.

Don't mind the grumpy face, it had just started to rain again! I'm really happy with the top, wore it all day today after I took the pics and it really is a comfortable but pretty top. Can't wait to see more Cake patterns!


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