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in praise of textile beasties!

Animal prints are so hot right now (when have they never been in style?) I've always loved the look of animal print fabric, but I have never quite figured out exactly how to incorporate it into my wardrobe, until one of my latest skirts. 
But from reptile to cheetah, from accessories to clothing, there seems lots of ways to add a little animal antics into the wardrobe and get noticed. 

So if you want to have a month of walking on the wild side head over to

and have some fun...there is also tons of tiny giveaways and general feral blog mayhem!!!

And just for a touch of bizarre fun, here is my daughters foot with a snake skin we just found in the backyard - she is thinking of a new pair of summer slingbacks!!!
The snakeskin belongs to a naked Carpet Python, a very familiar snake in my local parts. These little lovelies can grow up to 3.5m (about 11 feet) so maybe I can get a matching belt, or bag, one day to match the summer slingbacks...


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