Top 5 Most Worn in 2012

Inspired by Sew Busy Lizzy's post I thought I'd list down my most worn garments of 2012 as well.

1. Juniper pants

I wasn't that excited by these after I made them but I have been living in them, they are so unbelievably comfortable and go with anything!

2. Macaron Dress: Christmas version

I love this dress so much!

3. McCalls 6408

While my black version fits better I've ended up wearing this more (I don't wear much black these days) . Its the combo of the tie belt and the ponte which makes it so flattering and comfy.

4. McCalls 5525: Violet trench coat

I still consider this the best jacket I've made, in how it fits and the design lines on the back

5. NewLook 6007: cape

I've worn this down to the movies a few times and out to my mums. It might be a bit sad but my inner geek just loves the fact that I'm wearing a cape, lol

Unselfish sewing;

a couple of mentions here. I've made a few quilts but the time and effort involved in the Mario quilt ranks it at number 1. (Is it bad to mention that at the moment its on my bed not my sons though!)

Mum's Velveteen jacket. I really enjoyed recycling an old jacket and want to do this again next year

Daughters red Burdastyle jacket. I love this, its such a classic shape and material and one of the only things I've made the daughter that she doesn't whinge about and actually wears (teenagers!)

I started out sewing with a miniscule wardrobe, literally one pair of jeans and a top that fit other than trackpants ( It was a combo of suddenly gaining weight and having no decent clothes shops locally/lack of money) In the last year I had the idea that I should be sewing everything that I wear and honestly it started to suck the fun out of sewing for me recently. I've finally gotten to the point where I feel like I can slow down and spend more time on the design and fit and I suppose, play a bit more. So next year is all about fun sewing :)

Thankyou for all the lovely comments, I do read and appreciate every one of them (and usually share them all with my husband/kids/mum!) I started my blog as a way to catalogue my projects (which is a lifesaver seeing as my laptops harddrive crashed last weekend and at this stage I've lost all my photos.....hopefully they can rescue them but I'm not holding my breath so everyone please backup your pictures!!). I've been a part of a few online communities over the years and without a doubt the sewing community is made up of the most supportive, lovely people around. On to 2013!


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