And it is time to welcome...

...a new skirt to our group! Let me introduce to you "Miss Vine Leaf". 
Now why will she make such a good friend, I hear you ask ... well ... whilst she may not share every detail of her style in exactly the same way as the first 2, she does present an accurate picture of who she is. She is, I am proud to say, another offspring of McCall's 5523!
Miss Vine Leaf is fun, unique and interesting. OK, this is a given in any new friendship, but there is a lot to be said about shared interests...does the fabric look familiar???
Yes, I said that there was way too much fabric for the dress, so a new friend was born into a skirt. And this new friend is on the same page as me, she didn't try to change me or drag me into an unknown sewing territory ...
... beautifully behaved pleats! I do soooo love the crispness of pleats.
Now while the dress didn't warrant lining, this lovely little skirt did deserve a little help in holding herself together. So a simple light bit of support lining was in order - nothing fancy for this girl, just some cool breathable black cotton will do the job. 
And every girl loves a little splash of surprise, so this skirt was the lucky receiver of deep red bias tape to just finish her off nicely. We all need a little finishing off before heading out, right???
So welcome to the group, little Miss Vine Leaf, hope you enjoy hanging out with us...
And what is this ... a blank space in the group!!! Don't tell me there is another ready to jump on a coathanger in the near (yes, very near) future! Someone needs to lock this pattern away!
Is there anyone out there who also has loved a pattern to near-death (anyone, please)???


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