It's difficult being tall...

 ... according to my 16 year old son! At 6'5" even finding basic summer pyjama shorts (or boxers as they are often called) that are long enough is a challenge. Whilst short (short, short) shorts where very 'in' in the 80's...
... for which Warwick Capper worked with all his might! And Paul Hogan made famous...
... the once considered 'uniform' of the Aussie bloke, thankfully the 'look' has been put to bed. 
But my stretch-of-a-son still needs some longer length PJ shorts, used both for the obvious, but also to bum lounge around in during the holidays. He has nearly worn out the ones I whipped up when I joined in with Peter and his MPG Men's Boxer short sewalong.
So a trip to the shops, unaccompanied by Stretch himself, and with my half-hearted promise of a new pair a week (did I really promise that???), has the first pair ready to wear.
Fabric is a quilting cotton in what the sales girl and I decided was fairly male appropriate. Mind you, she was a little bemused that I was making clothing for my son - guess she just slipped off the possible girlfriend list!
Interestingly, the pattern was inspired by a quilt from the International Quilt Study Centre and Museum at the University of Nebraska! 
Anyway, first pair made up, extra long, ready to go.

Now, back to finishing off my skirt...

Now not being a quilter myself, I must ask, 'Is there always such interesting information on the selvedge of quilting fabric???'


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