Major Storms and Tornado's in Australia!!! WHAT!!!

One minute I am whining about the heat here in Queensland, melting away in my own pool of sweat. Well now for the latest update... the weather since then has been rainy, clouds, storms, rain and ...wait for it...TORNADO'S!!!

A Tornado in Queensland, is so unheard of! Cyclones - yes, but Tornado's - no way! Just a few years back we had unmentionable floods that took the lives of people so unexpectedly just an hour or so from where I live. 

And again today, the TV and Radio stations have been broadcasting alerts up and down the coastline ensuring everyone is ready to evacuate on time.

I am just minutes from the bay and the winds and rain have been extremely strong all day. 

Just as well I am holed up in my little sewing cave, oblivious to all the winds and rain outside...that is until the electricity went out...


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