My piece of fabric ...

... that I will never, ever cut into! This piece of fabric is destined to remain at the back of my stash, rarely seeing the light of day. 

Do I like it ... NO! 

If it wasn't so special, would I make something from it ... NO! 

But untouched it will remain for my entire life. One of my lucky kids (sorry!!!) will inherit this piece of fabric with strict instructions to "Never-ever-cut-it-or-else!" And they both know when I am serious!

So, what is this piece of fabric ...
... 1 yard of tweed! Enough for a skirt! 

And it's specialness lies in the fact that my Grandmother purchased this little fabric package in 1961, when visiting Scotland, and returned with it to Australia. She never sewed with it, so passed it onto my Mum, who also never felt inclined to make it up. On Mum's passing I inherited it, and there is no way I am going to be the first in three generations to cut into this fabric.

This piece of tweed comes complete with a label, zipper, lining and instructions to make up a skirt. I am sure my UK followers will know a lot more than I on this area of Scotland, and the history behind Handloom Weaving. 
Also in the same box, all wrapped up in blue tissue paper came these 3 pieces of tartan ...
... but they didn't come with accessories. But each is enough for a skirt length. Not touching these either!

I really should make an effort and investigate the origins of these fabrics, Moffat Weavers, and the correct way to store this fabric for the next 50 years ... until then, no kilt making for this little Aussie!

So tell me, if you owned the Moffat tweed would you keep it under wraps at the back of your stash, or actually cut into it? The ever-clever Andrea form Satin Bird Designs suggested I 'consider framing the lovely piece of fabric, or wrapping a canvas for wall art!' - told you she was a clever-one. 


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