Sewing with a (half baked) plan!

I was lucky enough to win a fashionary sketchbook in a giveaway on Beajays blog lately. I decided to use it for working out an autumn wardrobe in an attempt to be more organised than usual (Coincidently, Handmade by Carolyn has been drawing what she's been wearing in hers which I've been really enjoying reading about)

It is seriously easy to use, I am a terrible artist but the dot figures make a huge difference and it's so much fun!

All the patterns and fabric will be from my stash and it was nice thinking about what will go with what, and what I need to round out my wardrobe. I found it easier to assess with the drawings than written notes.

Thankyou Beajay!

A quick update in my stash busting...apparently I'm terrible at resisting because I went to a garage sale and bought a few pieces of material, purple and black lace, teal sateen, mint stretch drill and a couple knits. The lady gave me a 1958 Singer 319K....yep she GAVE it to me, as if I'd say no!! Its scrubbed up a treat and lots of oil means it turning over nicely now, just needs a powercord/foot pedal (and my Dad to lathe up a new bobbin spindle). It was one of the first zig zag machines and has cool typewriter like keys on the top for the 'design stitches'!


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