Vogue 8774: Denim Shorts

At the risk of disagreeing with everyone in the sewing world I have to admit I like this pattern so much more than Jalie 2908 *cowers*. I just think on me its more flattering and I had to do a lot less adjustments to it (in fact the crotch curves were nearly identical and the rise was only slightly off compared to my pants block) and no fisheye dart! I did stuff the front pockets up though and next pair will have them about an inch higher.

The denim is a mystery one from the op-shop. It has a bit of stretch and is nice and thick unfortunately I only had enough for shorts not jeans. Facings are a cotton from Spotlight.

I'm still on a mission for the ultimate waistband so this idea is stolen completely from my son's jeans! I added in extra seams when piecing the waistband facing and then threaded through elastic that I put buttonholes in. I like this so far, its adjustable, stable and is very easy to take out if I don't like it and slip stich up the openings. I actually saw a pair of high end RTW jeans while op-shopping that had a similar set up and a friend just bought a new skirt that had wide elastic as the actual facing which I found quite interesting. (a quick update - I have been wearing these around for a couple of days now and can report that the adjustable waistband is working a treat!)

Topstitching is done with upholstery thread which my machine likes a lot better than actual topstitching thread. Next version might have the yoke wider too.

I did faux felled seams and used bias tape around the hem as I cut the shorts too short!

The photos were taken down at Robe, SA at the Obelisk on a day out at the beach, it was beautiful down there!

BREAKING NEWS!! If you haven't yet seen BeaJay's blog head over and check out the Plus size pattern pyramid. A way for everyone to join in the pattern pyramid fun even if you don't fit in the smaller sizes!


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