What I really like about this pattern...

... is the sleek shaping. And thanks to Kristy from HandmadeRetro for her quick proof-reading (see first comment below) I will also add in that this pattern is Vogue 8759 ...

Son J has a athletic figure, with broad shoulders and a smaller waist, so the typical menswear shirt with a back pleat just billows out around his waist. This shirt has princess-style seaming in the back to allow for a closer fit at the waist.

Men's Shirt
Don't giggle at the 'man-boobs!'

Apparently one of the current season trends for young guys shirts is having them move away from the typical plains, stripes or plaids that have been around prior to Summer. Floral is the new Plain! Floral shirts (shorts and tees) have been seen everywhere for young guys, and actually look quite good. 

Front yoke and inside-out collar
This shirt is made from a piece of Japanese cotton, currently on sale at Spotlight. It is light and breathable, and fits the bill of being 'on-trend!' The shirt is quite a slim fit compared to a traditional shirt. 

Back collar and undercollar both inside-out 
I have noticed that another trend for men is to have the print on the inside of shirts, I think in an attempt to diffuse the intensity of the bolder colours, so I did this with the collar, turned the placket to the outside, as well as the sleeve hem. 

Not overly noticeable with this print, but fun for me to do (and the sewer has that privilege!!!)

If it is good enough for the lovely George to have a patterned short sleeved shirt ...

... it is good enough for me Son J ...

 ... and he has put in an order for 2 more in this style - so I must have sewn something right!!!


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