Megan Nielsen 2102: banskia top

 I made this for my daughter, it's a trial run before I cut into the cat fabric from Melbourne for her. The top itself is nice and simple, I always struggle to fit my daughter in a woven fabric though, I think it's because she has opposite adjustments to what I need.

There's still some problems with the fit, the shoulders were way too narrow on her and therefore the sleeves were too high and tight so I cut them off.  This is a size small with the bust darts raised by 1" and the collar pointed. Next version I think I'll make a sz medium and attempt a SBA with a small sloping shoulder adjustment. If anyone can pick up any more fitting issues please say, any advice is welcome!

The fabric is cotton poly blend from Spotlight, it has a cute Kawaii type print on it, I kind of think it looks like pyjamas but Amber seems to like it. All I can ever imagine with cutesy prints like this is Michael Kors popping up and saying  it looks becky homecky! Buttons are from the stash, think they were from Spotlight as well.

And all I can say about the poses is I think I've showed her Amanda's blog too many times, lol!

We are headed up to Brisbane soon, if anyone has any tips on where to take the kids (on a budget) and what fabric shops are good please comment or email me! We are up there for 4 days, my daughter is competing in the Goju Ryu Karate Nationals on Sunday but we have a couple of days to fill in as well, would love to meet anyone at a decent fabric shop for a chat and a wander (sorry for the short notice though!)


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