Burda 09-2007-101: I Keep My Promises

Paisley Front, Pockets

So remember the fabric orgy that was November for me?  With the glorious trip to Fabric Mart?  (Not to mention the trip to NYC.)  This lovely paisley print rayon challis ($5.99/yd) is one of the fabrics I bought on that trip, and I promised to make it into Burda 09-2007-101 at my earliest convenience.

Burda 09-2007-120 Thumbnail

Well, I did.  I can't remember exactly when--sometime late December or early January.  I don't have anything to add to my blog post of the two earlier versions of this blouse, so this is just to show that I really do sew (some) of that fabric I buy.

Paisley Back

I only thing did a couple things slightly differently.  I put a simple hem into the sleeve, rather than gather it with elastic as prescribed by the pattern.  I wondered if it would annoy me or be weird, but other than looking like I have no hands from the back, I actually like it quite a bit.  It's not a top for doing too many dishes in, though.

I raised the neckline up another inch, and instead of having it tie I stitched a separate loop of fabric to center front that the ends pull through for a mock tie, as I did for Simplicity 2305, which reduces the weight significantly so the CF isn't pulled down.

It's a nice match for both the green wool Burda 11-2009-120 skirt--though I am dissatisfied with the length and am going to have to rip out all that topstitching on the inverted pleats, again, to shorten it, again.  It's juuuuuust barely acceptable with boots, but absolutely cannot be worn with any other footwear.  It's a good skirt and I'd like to get more wear out of it in Spring and Fall.

Paisley and Mustard, Front

I also like it with the Burda 01-2008-127 mustard ponte skirt, for a different look with the fitted bottom.

The rayon was easy to sew.  I'm always nervous about the durability of rayon, so I sewed it with French seams.  So far it's holding up, but with my, ahem, deep closet it only got a few wears this season.

All photos are here and the pattern review of the previous versions is here.


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