It actually really works ...

... not that I doubted that fact for a moment, but when I made the sleeve board I was a little worried it would become one of those 'must-have' sewing essentials that just ended up sitting around gathering dust. 

Well not this little beauty, it has earned 'top shelf' status in my books. It really works a treat on the sleeve seam and the cuffs, giving just the right amount of pressing in the right places.
The shirt I am working on tonight is hanging in the background, minus the sleeves. That is because I am in love with ironing them! Can't get enough of ironing those sleeves!
But, sadly, if you look on the bed you will see a pair of rolled up sports socks! Yes, my substitute 'pressing ham' sneaked into the picture to purely embarrass me. After such success tonight with the sleeve board, my new tailors ham and roll have suddenly earned themselves top priority on my list. So time to download a pattern, and hunt out some wool from the stash to whip up my next ironing aides. 


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