The latest addition ...

... to my sewing room is a new sleeve board!  Hard to believe I have sewn for this long without one, but sadly I have never owned one before. If it wasn't for the lovely Suzy (Suzy Bee Sews) and her recommendation I would still be sleeve-board-less.
Sleeve board

Did I need one, really??? Well, after researching for a few minute the answer was clear - YES! I feel like the last little sewer who doesn't have one. So something had to be done.

First off, I put hubby to good use in the top shed to cut out a pattern. After searching I ended up using the one recommended by the curious kiwi... this lovely blogger has popped her pattern online to share, under pressing equipment. 

Following her pattern was super easy. It is basically just three pieces, screwed together and sanded.

Then I needed a cover. Craftsy had a free downloadable tutorial by Patchouli Moon Studio that I followed ... skill level 'Novice' - I was home and hosed now! Using the same fabric that was left over from my recently made ironing board cover and ideas board, my own sleeve board was becoming a reality. 

Next on my list of 'must-have's', now that the must-have bug has bitten, is -
* a dressmakers ham
* a seam roll
* a tailor board
* a clapper

Not sure which order I will make these, but make them I will. I am curious as to which one you find the most valuable to your sewing ... or have you made any yourself - all hints and tips appreciated ... J
Parting shot shows my current top still on 'the dummy' with my newest top half-constructed over it ... another top to pop into Faye's 2013 Essential Top Sew-A-Long -  it is made from a fabric that doesn't need ironing!!!!!


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