Cake 0169: Pavlova Top

I liked this pattern when it first came out but it was Heathers version that pushed me over the edge to make it! I really like it tied with the neckline lower and the look of it open as a draped cardigan.

This is a sz 45 but I took the side seams in by nearly an inch under the arms especially. Next time I'm cutting out a 45 on the back and a 40 on the front which is what I do for the Tiramisu dress. I copied Heathers idea and rounded off the back flap too as I'll be mostly wearing it over pants. Be aware that it is pretty short, I wore it out today with a singlet underneath because I don't have any pants high enough waisted.

Fabric is purple bamboo rayon from Its a funny colour, looks blue in bright light and purple in darker light. Its just gorgeous, has great recovery and feels so soft. Next time I order from them I'm getting more of it!

The lapped seam had me scratching my head until I started doing it and then it all came together.

I really like it left open as a cardigan too so if I don't wear it much as a top I'm cutting the ties off, I did have a think about how you could make the ties removable (press studs? zipper? tied on somehow?) because that would be pretty cool! But everything I thought of either wouldn't be strong enough or would make it too stiff.


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