Vogue 8774: Jeans

More jeans! Similar to this pair, I used my TNT pattern of Vogue 8774 with the legs from the Thurlow pants and used my pants block to adjust it.

The denim is from Rathdowne fabrics, its fairly stiff but seems to be wearing well.

I think I have finally cracked the perfect waistband treatment. Using a denim facing and the topstitching really does help, I think it was the cotton facings I've always used that really contributed to stretching out. Because the denim was stretch denim I also cut the waistband with a little negative ease. Using a denim facing does add a little bulk and my machine refused to sew the belt loops on but I figure its worth it.

I used high density elastic as the interfacing, other than some fusible behind the button and buttonhole the waistband has no other interfacing in it. The elastic gives it  stability and stops it folding down plus stops it stretching out over the day. I left a small section of the facing slip stitched down so if need be I can tighten (or loosen) the elastic without having to unpick the whole waistband as well.

Its a combo of Debbie Cooks elastic waistband method and Sandra Betzinas method out of Power sewing except I don't zig zag the elastic down so I can alter it a lot easier at a later date if I need to, mine is just threaded through and stitched down near the front pockets where the belt loops would normally cover it up.

I used a Gutermann upholstery thread in 968 for the topstitching and the normal poly thread for the bartacks and buttonholes.

I wanted a slightlier funky look to the back pockets this time and found these large eyelets in Lincraft. I bashed them a little too hard and if you look really closely they are slightly oval but I like the look of them, something different than just topstitching the pockets.

I've been wearing them around a lot and the legs have bagged out bu the waist hasn't so I count it as a win! I've had a terrible run of sewing lately, lots of wadders (skirts, I'm looking at you!) so its nice to sew something that fits and is really comfy to wear!


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