... my mind, that is! At the end of my last post, prior to heading back to the dreaded time-waster of work, I had plans of making up Vogue 8721 view D. Well those plans eventuated and the little jacket is nearly completed...
Half-finished front

It is looking great, and fitting well so far. The three quarter length sleeves went in a like a breeze, and just need a decent press to set them.

Inside front lining

The lining was the closest I had stashed away, but even though it isn't a perfect match to the purple in the main fabric I think it will do - well, it will have to now! You can see the interesting main fabric in this view, how the purple has a black thread running through it. Such beautiful linen-y fabric.

The unfinished bit!

So all that is left is attaching the two different sized bottom bands. At the moment it looks like a bolero type jacket - for me it definitely needs the bands for length. So what is the problem with finishing it off - a mere 1/2 hour of work left (the bands are made) - well, I found another jacket I want to make, in the same fabric. Enter dress-maker-model wearing unfinished Butterick 5617 ...
Front of Butterick 5617
Again, the same fabric, but in a different colour way. This is a boxier jacket, but I have nipped the side seams in just a tad for shaping. I have also changed the top of the front band from being straight across to being on an angle - it felt a little to throat-cutting for my liking.

Inside finishing

Instead of lining this one, I have just made my own bias binding and used it over the seam edges. It really is a fray-e type fabric and deserves to be finished off neatly. 

Sleeve view
The back and the sleeve are fitting perfectly at this stage. But as with the first jacket, it isn't hemmed yet! What is it with avoiding the hemming I wonder? For this one all I am planning on is adding binding to the hem and turning it under - not rocket science! Maybe tonight I might see to hemming one or both of them. Then just the decision about what button/s to use. The purple jacket luckily doesn't require any buttons - easy decision there! But the fawn jacket needs buttons so to the shops I will have to go...hopefully finished pictures by the end of this week. 


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