I'm a Winner! Schmetz Needle Prize

Schmetz Needles

I have entered many, many PR contests over the years and have been flattered by the many votes I've received, but I've never actually won.  They're more for fun motivation and a way to decide what project to sew next.

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I entered my Downton Abbey silk dress in the Natural Fibers Contest at Pattern Review.  Well, I got 2nd place!  I was very surprised because there were tons of great entries in that contest.  Thank you to all who voted for me!

The prize was a $75 gift certificate to Schmetz Needles, which is a really great prize.  I sew with Schmetz needles anyway, and remembering to buy needles tends to slip my mind and if you don't have the right needle--you can't sew.  Not to mention it's sewing money that could be used for fabric, lol.

They had me send them my list of needles and supplies and they shipped it to me super quick in a nice little box.

I got a whole bunch of universal needles (love the multi-size packs) and my favorite specialty needles.  I go through Microtex needles like they're potato chips, and I prefer stretch needles to ballpoint needles for most knit projects.  I also go through twin needles like potato chips so I got a few of those.  They also stock 45 mm rotary cutter blades.  I got a rotary cutter fairly recently and love it for whizzing through straight line cutting.  They even included a guide to the different types of needles and their uses.

Now I am set for a couple of years at least.  Bring on the fabric!  (Which I, um, have.)


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