Made up my mind...

... and whipped up a top from the fabric I showed at the end of my last post! A few people suggest a dress from this fabric, but all that pattern happening just wasn't for me - don't want to step too far out of the old comfort-zone!

So I ended up settling on the fairly popular KwikSew 3915 long sleeved top. The feature neck detail grabbed my attention, as did the higher back neckline - the winter winds are blowing here! Though it is difficult to see the neck feature with this print - see, I just can't see 'me' wearing this all-over!

Anyway, I did have problems with this 5 piece pattern top. And the most difficult piece was the smallest - the 4 loops which are the main feature of the whole top. Attaching and sewing the little suckers in was easy, but what a bulky area this turned out to be...

When you think about it, the neckline is a folded piece of fabric, so in this area already you have 4 layers of fabric, then you need to gather these 4 layers, which instantly adds bulk. Next you have to attach the self fabric loops, which have a seam and are at their smallest 2 layers thick, and at the seamed section they are 4 layers thick. So you have now 8 layers of fabric, some of it gathered, and are attaching this to the front piece - 9 layers of fabric sewn tight in a mere 5 cm (about 2 inches) of seam! One bulky neck feature that felt very stiff and unappealing to wear. And then add to this buttons to really accentuate the area! The whole area just didn't want to lay flat, and kept pulling towards the gathering. 

And the solution, I hear you all ask...

Yes, chop that area and reattach it, minus the loops - and I had turned such even loops! Other than this little time waster section, this top goes together really quickly. I mainly used my overlocker, gathered on the sewing machine, and hemmed on my coverstitch! Just a few hours to get a new top - well worth it! 

I have plans on making another one, as the fit is perfect on me with the higher neckline. It sits smoothly under a jacket and perfect for matching with a number of bottoms.

Next up on my list is trying Vogue 8721 - for no other reason than I really like the look of View D! 


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