2 new shirts for guys ...

... it's nearly Spring Down Under, which means time to get ready for long sunny days, and  restock the basic casual shirts for the two males in my household! 

First off is another Vogue 8759 for my son. His request was for it to be trendy, no pocket, have a personal look, and be easy to wear. Fabric is from Spotlight, a light Japanese Lawn that is just perfect for a one-season shirt. For this shirt I used a navy lawn for the inside back yoke, inside neck, collar under, as well as the front plackets. The sleeves, collar and back yoke are all put together with the wrong side of the fabric outermost - apparently an 'in-season' trend in the shops! I did bring the front yoke section forward again, by about 5cm so that the yoke seam wasn't sitting right on the shoulder - this is just a personal preference of mine. So another winner for the son in the household!

Next up is KwikSew 3422 for the Hubby! Not as fitted in the body, but still a good shape to it anyway. I used View B, but with the collar from View A (as it had a collar stand which I prefer.) Again I used a contrast colour for the yoke, placket and collar components - just because I can! And I added in a touch of a fancy looking pocket. Totally useless to put anything in, but I enjoyed sewing it.
Both guys have put in orders for their next shirts - but they will be at the end of my long selfish 'me' list of sewing! 


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