Lekala 4163: Knit jacket

After the wadder that was Vogue 1364 I downloaded this pattern to give it a go. It has all the things that I've learnt to look for in a knit jacket pattern, cut high at the back and with a waist tie to give some definition.
I used the rest of the blue ponte I picked up at the last Lincraft sale. Its a medium weight ponte that doesn't wear too badly, I stock up on it and the knit interfacing when the big 50% off sale is on each year.

I made a 1" FBA which was rotated into the front folds and a 1" arm width adjustment. I'm really happy with how it fits, Lekala has been a little hit and miss for me but I sent off my exact measurements for this one and its spot on. I've had trouble in the past because they go off the full bust not the high bust which is a problem if you normally have to do a FBA because the shoulders end up too wide and the armscye is the wrong angle. But I think maybe because this pattern is so close fitting (its got either none or slightly negative ease) the shoulders fit perfectly and I needed to do a FBA anyway.

The sleeves are a two piece sleeve which fit really well. I have found the ties pull the side seams forward and pull at the back a bit too but its not a major deal. The ties and front facing are interfaced and I'm not sure I'd bother interfacing the ties if I made it again.
I should mention I got this pattern from the new English site. Its a lot easier to navigate and download from than the original Russian site. The patterns don't come standard with seam allowances but you can click to have them added at checkout.


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