McCall 6744, Grecian Knit Dress

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I did a ton of sewing for trip to Greece (as I think you can tell by all my recent posts). So much so that I didn't end up taking everything with me! McCall 6744 didn't make it into the suitcase, though I do like it as a casual summer dress.  You might recognize this fabric from Vogue 1282--I made the top out of the leftovers after finishing the dress.  I was surprised how much I had left considering I did "stripe" matching, both vertical and horizontal, with the flower motifs.

Do you like how "ethereal" the photos are?  Yeah, I discovered a fingerprint smudge on the camera lens after my photographer had already taken all the pictures.  Oh well!

Small Bust Adjustment

Many of the previous reviewers noted that the front bodice gapes; almost all of them had to wear a camisole underneath.  So I took a fairly aggressive amount out of the crossover on the front bodice to prevent that--you can see the three tucks I took in the photo at left.

While I don't have gaping and don't need a camisole, I ended up with a similar problem as with Vogue 8870 (my high-low hem birthday dress) where the bodice is short at center front and blouses a lot at the side seams.  That goes more with the style of this dress so I'm fine with it, though it benefits greatly from (of course!) a sash.

I think I just don't care for crossover styles where the crossover is shallow, ending just a few inches from center front.  A crossover that goes all the way to the side seam is easier to adjust for a small bust without distortion and more flattering and wearable for me, not to mention more secure.  I'm going to have to stay away from these styles in the future.

Shoulder Gather

There is not much to say about this simple dress.  One of the nice features is the shoulder gather.  It gives some shoulder coverage without a sleeve and allows for plenty of volume in the bodice to get the grecian drape.

Clear Elastic for Shoulder Gather

To make the gather I sewed the shoulder seam with the sewing machine rather than the serger, and then pressed the seam open.  I machine-basted long gathering stitches starting about two inches from the already finished neckline and ending about 1/2 inch from where the sleeve hem would be stitched down.  I pulled the gathering stitches tight, and from the right side stitched in the ditch, catching clear elastic underneath to keep the gathers in place.  Then I removed the gathering stitches and hemmed the sleeve.  The gathers could have ended further from the sleeve hem, as it does pull up a bit.

Although it didn't make the cut for the suitcase (I thought it would be weird to be wearing two things in the same fabric in photos, and I liked the top better), I do like this dress despite the weirdness with the crossover bodice.  The pattern also has a plain tank bodice, a racerback tank bodice, and a crossover skirt option, so it's quite versatile.

I timed the sewing of it poorly. I wore it on the day the photos were taking, but I won't get to wear it again until late next Spring when it is warm again!  We've had some crisp days in DC though luckily it hasn't gotten truly cold for good yet, but this is just too summery to get away with in mid-October.

All photos are here and the pattern review is here.


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