Outside my comfort zone ...

... I've joined a GYMWithout turning this into a lifestyle post, basically when I was younger I could eat whatever I wanted and my weight stayed in the healthy range. Fast forward to now, after having 2 kids and being right at the end of my 49 years I have some extra kilos (or fluff) hanging onto my bones ... literally! Why can't extreme all night sewing, hardcore blogging or marathon knitting be enough for me to stay in reasonable shape?
So I have realised that this wiggly weight isn't going to disappear without a little bit of help. After seeing a few pictures on my blog last year I realised that all those wiggly bits can actually be seen ... by all! It was like WOW ~ is that my stomach or the fabric doing that (and I can't always blame the pattern?!?) In 2014 I turn 50 ~ and time is going by way too fast. So I pulled on my Big Girl Panties, and walked out of my comfort zone. That's where the gym comes in ...

I. Joined. Up.  What a learning curve! Did you know that wearing elastic waisted shorts and a tee-shirt doesn't cut it in the gym fashion stakes?!? Who would have thought it ~ I was sadly underdressed and looked like a tourist (minus the camera and bum bag!) The only pair of workoutie-type clothing I had was a little on the 'dated' side .. So how am I feeling ... not just fat and nearly fifty, but frumpy just joined the list.

Now that my confidence is rising, I have donned a pair of 'modern' workout leggings and a very comfortable singlet top (both made out of crazy new-age airwicked technology) and just love it. And I can see me making a few of these myself next year ~ bonus! Bright and fun ~ and motivating.

But all is not as bad as it seems. As I was plodding along on the treadmill for what seemed like minutes the other day I glanced out the window, my eyes stinging from big salty beads of dripping sweat, my sweatstache in full glistening mode.  I actually thought I had heat stroke, as there before my eyes was the most incredible mirage. "Yippeeeeeeeee", I shouted. But ... it wasn't tall icy completely dripping, condesaton-covered, fall in the pool cold water that I was imagining  ~ it was the realisation of what was across the road from me, right in front of my eyes every time I work out ... the perfect motivation ...

So I guess this gym, and me, are meant to be (for now.) The perfect cooldown routine ~ a wander through the aisles of Spottie, stretching my poor worked out hamstrings, loosening up my triceps by reaching for another spool of thread, releasing my punished hip flexor muscles with a gentle bend to select a few bolts of fabric ~ suddenly I realise, I have been living outside my comfort zone all along ... J


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