Could it be made into a ...

... shirt, a dress, maybe a skirt, or quite easily a pair of PJ's! 
If it is to be a shirt, would it become a tunic, more of a blouse, or have the trendy kaftan look happening ?!? 

Or it this was to be made into a dress, would it be an A-lined, vintage, maxi, baby-doll or a muumuu style ?!?

As for pants, the very 'in' harem style, or a more classic tailored look ?!? 

Or, dare I even suggest, the new-look onesies style for this fabric ?!?

So many choices, but at least I could rule out using this fabric for a summer bikini !?!

Why am I actually asking all these questions ??? 

Well, it appears that I have over 12 metres (around 40 feet) of this fabric living in my stash! And at 145cm (60 inches) wide, I could make make whatever my heart desires ...

I could even go into crazy-sewer-mode and whip up some matching family outfits with this amount of fabric ... 

And still have enough left over for new curtains or a doona cover! 

The possibilities are mind-blowing ...

But seriously, I think starting with Vogue 8876 will probably put a dent in this fabric ~ it chews up a good 2.6 metres of fabric ...

Has anyone else ever made up multiple garments from a favourite piece of fabric, or been in a 'one fabric, many looks' challenge?


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