Cake 0144: Tiramisu #4

It feels like forever since I blogged, I've been so much sewing but its all been for other people/premmie gowns/quilts/wadders. So heres a nice entry back to some selfish sewing - another Tiramisu!

Fabric is a cotton t-shirt knit from Spotlight with little clouds printed on it and a ponte waistband. I should have taken some close-ups, the fabrics quite cute.

I fiddled a little bit with the fit, its a 40D front and a 45 back plus about 1" added to the bodice length. I had some pulling at the front so it was unpicked and each side moved towards the centre by about 1" on either side so it doesn't cross over as far now. It could still do with some more bodice length, so have added it for next time


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