Lekala 4329: Finished jacket

So I kind of skipped ahead on the sewalong and finished my jacket!
The jacket is meant to be worn with a belt but I liked the look on me better without it so I pressed the collar flat and added a press stud as well to keep the collar in place.

Alteration were all listed in the last post. Fabrics used were a poly crepe for the main and a poly satin for the lining.

I'm really happy with the fit, the drapey fabric caused me a bit of grief though. I had a lot of drag lines on the upper sleeves which I think were caused mostly from the drapey fabric. I interfaced the upper part of the sleeves, inserted sleeve heads and shoulder pads and while they aren't perfect its a lot better than before.

On that note, I interfaced the collar, sleeves, front and hems, but with this fabric I should have interfaced the back and the whole peplum too. I think it would have made the peplum sit a lot nicer.

I have a feeling I put the collar on the wrong side, but too late now to change it!

So some thoughts;
I loved the fitting and sewing process, and I really enjoyed taking my time with it. Sewalongs always push me to spend that bit more time on a garment and not rush through. I like Lekala patterns, I'm still getting used to the adjustments needed but I like the convenience, range and price of them. The instructions are very lacking, they don't seem to be translated very clearly into English and include no diagrams. It doesn't really matter on a top or pants but on a jacket like this it would have been nice to have more details. I highly recommend checking out the sewalong posts for extra help/clarification if you are looking to make this and don't have much experience with sewing jackets.


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