Simplicity 2446: Ponte jacket

One thing I've really missed wearing is a fitted stretch jacket. I used to have a couple of them and wore them to death and never replaced them when they got too small. I've tried on RTW ones since and they are all ridiculously too big on the shoulders. This jacket is my first attempt to fit a TNT stretch blazer.
I picked this pattern up at the latest Spotlight sale, cut a Sz18 with the c-cup front. These patterns come with a 1" seam allowance so you can fit as you go. Its a good idea but if you use the full 1" seam allowance you end up with ridiculously wide shoulders on them, so just keep that in mind if you make one.

I added a 1" FBA and 1" bicep width and then muslined this up. Pretty good fit width wise, I used the 1" seam allowances on the upper back and nipped it in at the waist. Added a bit to the hips on the back. I did take in the princess seam above and below the bust and also narrowed the shoulders by about 1".

I wanted to keep it casual so didn't add shoulder pads and didn't worry about the inseam pockets or the faux pocket flaps.
Fabric is a poly ponte I picked up at a Lifeline shop, its very spongy and very 1970's plastic feeling but feels like it could be blown up and would still be wrinkle free, lol. Lining is a stretch satin that I also used for  my Lekala 4329 jacket.

 The fit still isn't perfect, I still have too much excess across the upper chest and I think the button spacing looks funny, I actually lowered the placement by about an inch but I think they need to be lowered again. I might lengthen it by an inch or two as well, it looks a bit short. I need to wear it around a bit first though and then tweak it, I picked up some nice uncut corduroy this weekend that I want to make the next version out of.


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