Book review: Burdastyle sewing handbook

Book review: Burdastyle sewing handbook

Book Index/Chapter headings;

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Setting up sewing spaces, sewing toolkit, using a sewing machine.

Chapter 2: Using patterns
Selecting your size, tracing off patterns and adding seam allowances

Chapter 3: Let's start sewing
fabrics, finishing techniques, closures

Chapter 4: The skirt
Includes the skirt pattern and 2 variations.

Chapter 5: The blouse
Includes the blouse pattern and 2 variations

Chapter 6: The dress
Includes the dress and 2 variations

Chapter 7: The coat
Includes the coat and 2 variations

Chapter 8: The bag
Includes the bag and 2 variations

Does this book have clear illustrations or photographs? 
Yes, the instructions are quite good for the patterns too. I really enjoyed the page at the end of each chapter that includes another 13 or 14 variations of that pattern.

Would you recommend this book as a MUST HAVE?
I like the style of writing, and I like the variations on each pattern, it really shows you don't need an arsenal of patterns if you are creative with some basic ones. I will admit though that none of the patterns except for the coat really jump out at me personally and my favourite coat variations (no. 10 and 13) have got no extra elaboration on how to make them! (I reckon 13 is just shortened into a jacket and 10 looks as if the darts have been rotated out to make an a-line coat skirt)

I thought the basic sewing information included was good and I like the information on sewing a curved princess seam, its how I do it now but I wish I'd known it when I started sewing.

I ordered mine online and to be honest I don't know if I'd have bought it if I could have flipped through it first (Ah, who am I kidding I have a sewing book addiction - I can never say no to adding another one to my library!). It seems to be focused towards beginners/advanced beginners and if you were just starting out or hadn't been sewing for long I would maybe recommend it to you but also tell you to get a good fitting book and a good basics book like Readers Digest Complete guide to Sewing or The Vogue sewing book, which have a lot more beginner sewing information but just don't come with the patterns.

So in summary: A good basic book but unless you like any of the patterns included, I would recommend having a flip through it before you buy.

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