Megan Nielsen 2205: Virginia Leggings

I was lucky enough to get to pattern test these leggings! Because I would have had to grade them up a couple of sizes for me I thought I would make a pair for the daughter first.

I got this really nice blue cotton/spandex from Spotlight on clearance last week and the yellow is a thin knit from the Alannah Hill outlet in Melbourne.

She fell inbetween two sizes, the Small and the Medium so I cut a Medium (always easier to take in than try to let out). I like that the seam allowances are 5/8", I always forget with smaller seams and sew them at 5/8" anyway! I had to scoop out the front crotch by a tiny amount (about 1/4") and even though I cut the petite length I also cut another 2" off (She's only 5'2" tall) otherwise the fit is straight out of the envelope. I am yet to see RTW fit her as well, as you can see with her shorts she always has excess at the front so for these to fit so well with virtually no adjustments is amazing!

Very easy construction, I did a stretch stitch on my sewing machine then overlocked the edges. The waistband has the elastic threaded through then zig zagged down to stop it twisting, its something I always do but its the first time I've seen it included in a pattern!

Not much more to say other than its a nice pattern and I'm on the lookout now for good material to make more. She loves them even if I did have to bribe her with a slushy to let me take the photos!


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