Colette 1028: Moneta Dress

I didn't get this pattern when it first came out because I didn't think the gathered waist would be that flattering. Since then I've seen a lot of great verisons online and I downloaded it!

As always with Colette patterns, the instructions are fantastic and the fit is pretty good too. This is a XL at the shoulders graded out to a 2xl from the bust down. Its a bit too tight, I'll do a FBA next time, I think that what causing the drag lines at the armholes, it also needs the armholes dropped and a bit of length taken out from the back bodice. I went for sleeves half way inbetween the 3/4 length and the short sleeves. Otherwise everything else is straight out of the printer.

I did drop the neckline down, its very much a boat neck but I like more of a scoop and I added binding to the neckline as well to help lift up the back neck height and because I just don't like the idea of turn and stitch for a knit neckline. This fabric didn't stretch enough though and the band looks a bit ripply

I got this fabric from the clearance table at spotlight, its just a mystery blend knit. Its way too shiny to wear out in public and too clingy too, especially at the back. It doesn't have quite enough stretch either, so its fitting a bit tighter than I'd expected. It honestly didn't look too bad until I sewed it up!

The skirt is gathered using clear elastic. It didn't gather it enough at the front for me and next version I think I'll gather with a few rows of basting stitches and then just reinforce the seam with clear elastic.

So I'll call the pattern a win but this version a fail because of the horrid shiny fabric!


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