McCalls 6844: Peplum cardigan

After having such a frustrating run of wadders I finally made something wearable! I'm still not completely over peplums yet so even though I like the basic cardigan version of this pattern I had a go at View C first.

I found the sizing quite generous, according to the finished measurements I should have been in between XL and XXL but this is a L with some adjustments. I narrowed the shoulders by about 1/2", widened the upper sleeve by 2", shortened the bodice by 1.5" and lengthened the peplum by about 2" and took in the back  waist seam by a couple of inches (more about that further down). I got a few metres of this plaid ponte from Spotlight awhile ago on clearance so I made a quick muslin to check sizes and I'm glad I did with how much I had to take the original one in and shorten/lengthen it.

I changed the front band, originally it was about double the width of this one and is meant to create a bit of a folded over collar effect but I didn't like how it sat so I replaced it with a straight band (no curve at the neckline like the original) and made it half as narrow, very much like the band that's on McCalls 6408.

Lastly, I added some elastic to the back waist seam.  When I'd finished it, it was still a bit big around the waist and I found it wasn't very flattering when it was meeting in the middle (could have been because I used plaid instead of a plain fabric). I'd already hemmed it and didn't want to add a centre back seam so I sewed elastic about 3" shorter than the seam and stretched it to fit, zigzagging it to the seam (I pinned it all first to get the right length for the look I wanted). No sure if I'd bother taking in the back if I made it again or just use elastic again, it makes that back waist seam nice and stable and I don't mind the extra gathering it does.

I sewed it all on the serger and twin needled the hems. First time I've sewn something just on the serger without sewing it first on my sewing machine first, makes it so much faster!

All in all I'm really happy with it, I wasn't sure if I'd like the peplum look on me especially in the plaid. I think its quite flattering and doesn't need a belt or anything to stop it looking shapeless.

I wore it today and its very comfortable to wear, the pin on the lapel is a red poppy for Remembrance Day (which is today in Australia) , Lest we forget.


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