Outfit of the Week: A Simple Knit Skirt


Does it drive anyone else crazy when a sub-one-hour, super simple project gets more compliments than a complicated slog?  I finally got around to drafting a skirt unit for my TNT tee for making knit dresses (I have one in the queue to show you).  It took me a while but it finally dawned on me that I could also use it for just a skirt with no tee attached, and knocked off a quick one out of this floral sculpted knit fabric I found two years ago on the G Street $2.97/yd table


The seams are serged, it has an elastic waist, and I used a machine blind hem to sew the hem and the elastic waist casing.  It took 45 minutes and cost a couple of bucks.

I had a meeting with outside people, for which I generally tone down my usual "dressing like a parrot" style, so I paired the skirt with a black tee (which also didn't take much more than an hour to make using my TNT tee pattern) and black tights, and a cheap "statement necklace."  Easy.

Elastic Waist Closeup

And yet, I think just about every one of my (female) colleagues complimented this outfit, and particularly loved the skirt.  Maybe I should stop making anything that takes longer than an hour!  More photos here.


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