Simplicity 1783: Denim Skirt

My last version of this skirt stretched out over time and I donated it in the last big wardrobe cleanout. For a skirt I didn't wear that often I've really  missed having it.

This pattern needs bugger all fabric, I squeezed this out of just over 1m of denim leftover from a pair of jeans. This denim is thicker than my first version and sits a bit stiffer but it wears well and I know it will soften up with a few more washes.

I made the skirt a pull-on, not just because I'm obsessed with pull on bottoms at the moment, but the first waistband stretched out at least a couple of sizes and at least with an elastic waistband I don't have to worry about that happening again!

Pattern details;
Size 18
Tilted waist adjustment - removed 2" from front rise
Changed the vent from the front to the back

I really love the vent on this pattern, very easy to sew and sits really nicely while wearing.


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