Closet Case Files: Ginger Jeans - purple denim

Another pair of jeans, I've been wearing my first pair heaps lately.

Same as last time;
  • Added 1" to the inner leg seam on the front pattern piece.
  • Adjusted the side seams - I have hyperextended calves and they were dragging the side seam backwards so I added to the back and took from the front to straighten it up.
  • Changed the front pockets to a pocket stay.
  • Shaped the side seams
  • I did a couple of construction changes - I followed my fav zipper tutorial and serged the waistband facing instead of turning under (just helps to reduce bulk with a heavier weight denim).
  • Shaped the waistband to be more curved to stop the gape at the back.
  • Also I added elastic to the waistband to help stabilise/stop stretching out.
  • Took in the side seams as my purple denim was very stretchy
  • Plus I took length out of the legs at the knees from where I had originally added it and I also took some height out of the back rise, again from where I had added it.

I used a purple denim (its either from Rathdowne or GJ's discount fabrics). Its a lot thinner than my first pair and has some good stretch in it.

Topstitching is Gutermann and a matching plain poly thread for the bartacks. I'm definitely more of a fan of the upholstery thread for jeans topstitching, my machine doesn't really like how thick the topstitching thread is and I found it harder to keep an even line with it.

I added a pocket stay - its a quilting cotton that I had in my stash

Not much else to say except I've already cut out my third pair ready to be sewn!


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